Port Vale fans reaction: some high praise for “big Reg”

Following a controversial game against Oldham, Vale fans praise Cicilia and Streete but there are worries about attendances and a general view that Vale have been mighty lucky lately…

The following are views taken from the OVF forum.

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“Big Reg” gets high praise…

The performance of substitute Rigino (big Reg) Cicilia drew praise…

“Fair play to big Reg, I’m not his biggest fan but he’s made a big impact tonight…”


“Reggie completely changed us when he came on. Lovely few touches, including a deft flick in the centre circle. Any ball lower than his head he seems able to control and find a man. Got to start on Saturday for me… ”


“Cicilia undoubtedly made a difference…”


“Big Reg changed the game. His link up play was everything Paterson’s wasn’t and he took his goal very well…”


“He once again changed the game and this isn’t the first time this has happened. The big guy won everything that came to him and deservedly got his goal…”


“How much did I enjoy Reggie’s performance again! He lifted the whole team…”

Vale fan in Alsager

“Last night changed yet again when Cicilia was brought on. That is at least three games I can think of now where his substitution has had a direct impact on the result of a game. Now, as I’ve said before, he’s unorthodox but he looks excellent with the ball at his feet and was linking our play up superbly from the start to the end of his time on the pitch. The difference was marked from Paterson, who is depressing to watch…”


Streete’s ahead…

Remie Streete has been receiving a lot of praise recently…

“Streete was easily MOTM tonight , sign him up Smurf !”


“Thank goodness we have the triangle of Alnwick, Smith and Streete…”


“If it was not for Streete and Smith, we would have lost comfortably, they made a couple of great blocks…”

Bucknall Rob

Vale riding their luck?

Many fans felt that despite Oldham’s late goal, Vale would have been very fortunate to have won the game…

“We can hardly complain at the result…”


“It would have been an absolute travesty had we won this game of football…”


“A draw was a fair result after that horror show in the first-half…”


“Oldham dominated that game for 75 minutes…”


“How Oldham only scored two was a mixture of our good fortune and excellent defending by our two centre backs…”


“I thought a draw tonight was a fair result as Oldham played really well…”


“Got to admit Oldham were the better team. Outplayed Vale for most of the match…”


Declining gates

The low attendance also worried fans…

“Well, the punters are voting with their feet. I’ve been watching Vale for 30-odd years but I am struggling to remember us having a league gate this low…”


“3152, what a abysmal crowd .”

Vale fan in Alsager

“The crowds are low because the football being played each game is like ‘Groundhog Day'”


“We are losing supporters by the barrow-full, and it is very hard to get them to come back. Worrying times. Again…”


And finally…

Apart from the score, this Vale fan almost got his prediction spot on…

“I predict 1-1 consisting of 70 minutes of utter <OVF censored>, ten minutes of Vale pressure then the last 10 mins+ of defensive panic stations….”


Have a view? You can debate the match on this dedicated forum thread
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