Vale fans reaction: many concerns after Bolton losses

There were plenty of negatives and very few positives after Vale’s comprehensive defeat to Bolton. Here is what fans on the OVF Forum had to say…

Grant’s off day

“Sounds like Grant is having a mare…”


“Grant is a quality player but on his day he is Championship level but now and again he has a shocker and when he plays bad we do…”


“Grant has been a liability recently…”


“Obviously Grant’s mind is elsewhere…”


Player attitudes?

“No one on the pitch wants to play for the Vale. They are turning up to get paid…”

Valiant Ritchie

“Grant is simply not interested and Tavares nowhere to be seen. Ameobi has Knops on toast. Only Alnwick and Smith can hold their heads up high…”

Class Personified

“Getting the basics right would be a good idea. Closing down when we haven’t got the ball, if in doubt get rid! Stopping the opposition playing when we’re away from home. We have failed in all of those…”

Jase Sharratt

Manager under pressure?

“Absolute shambles. Ribeiro just doesn’t understand League One football. If he does, he wouldn’t persist with theses stupid tactics or team selections…”


“I suspect that if we lose to Stevenage Bruno will be out and Brown in…”

Class Personified

“Stevenage is starting to look like a must win game for Bruno, especially after last year’s debacle at Exeter. Smurf just won’t stand for it two years running…”

Cambridge Don

“He’s the master of his own inevitable downfall if you ask me. I thought how we used to start games under Page was slow, ponderous and negative but this is ridiculous. As is the continued persistence with one man up front. It doesn’t work with our current group, it’s as plain as the nose on your face. He doesn’t understand League One football…”


“There were rumours at the game that Bruno will get the bullet…”


“We actually have some quality in the side despite the negative feeling but it’s got to be used correctly and that’s where Bruno is failing at the moment…”


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