Why Gambling Companies And Football Teams Collaborate

Why Gambling Companies And Football Teams Collaborate

When it comes to commercial collaborations there’s very few better matches than gambling and football teams.

Both industries have seen enormous expansion over the last couple of decades. The internet and especially smartphone technology has made gambling on sporting events, slots and other games now a mainstream leisure activity. Football on the other hand has capitalised on massive global TV exposure that has led to a few top clubs now having hundreds of millions of supporters across the globe.

They are now so culturally significant that they act as marketing agent for companies looking to hop on the bandwagon…

For the soccer clubs this exposure and sudden multiplication of their supporter numbers equates to one simple thing: more potential customers. However clubs aren’t solely concerned any longer with marketing their own products such as replica shirts and memorabilia – they are now so culturally significant that they act as marketing agent for companies looking to hop on the bandwagon. Gambling companies who are always searching for means to enhance their exposure ahead of their rivals see this as the perfect opportunity – and will pay many millions per season to be ‘official gambling/gaming partner’ of a top team.

Football Sponsorship Highlights The Complex Nature Of Casino Marketing

Online casinos are in perpetual competition to attract ever more customers. There’s many ways they can do this – carve a niche in the market, offer the best/latest games, gain a reputation for offering the highest bonuses and so on. Take Wild Jack Online Casino as an example. Wild Jack are highly regarded for offering among the best bonuses anywhere for new sign ups as well as being a comprehensive of the best and latest games. However although well known in the gaming community they do not currently sponsor a football club. Expect this to change very soon as forming a commercial arrangement with even lower status clubs is literally guaranteed to enhance custom and turn a profit for all involved.

Are These Commercial Tie-Ins Really This Lucrative?

Absolutely and this is why the figures involved are often much higher than other commercial deals – especially is the company logo is worn across the front of the team shirt. Sponsoring Real Madrid has earned Bwin over 20% of the Spanish gaming market. This may be an exceptional return for sponsoring an exceptional team but it’s no coincidence that many smaller teams, those in the lower divisions across Europe and especially the case in the UK, are snapping up deals with any club willing to listen.

It’s a remarkable shift in focus that has occurred entirely in unison with the emergence of smartphones and sophisticated in match betting. Not long ago larger teams would be sponsored by a major national or sometimes international brand, while smaller clubs would depend upon the patronage of local businesses. Now it’s incredibly global – with clubs some English clubs even outside the glitz of the Premier League having commercial tie ins with international gambling companies (almost always hailing from the far East).

Quite simply it’s not just the exposure and prestige of sponsorship in attracting new customers which makes gambling companies ever more attracted to football clubs. It’s also in large part a matter of affiliating with the sport itself. Even gambling companies that don’t offer a sports book or even a single bet on a football match still recognise that having the elusive sporting connection helps bring their business much further into the limelight. There’s also the added notion of respectability – another vital factor that gambling companies use to distinguish themselves from the sadly numerous rogue elements operating within their trade.

Final Thoughts

As long as the world continues to watch football there’s little chance of these commercial tie-ins disappearing anytime soon. Football used to be synonymous with alcohol and tobacco as being their natural bedfellows – but in the world of the smartphone gambling is most certainly the new kid on the block. It’s a far cry from the old days of the Football Pools!

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