The Bradford fire disaster, remembering the 56

The Bradford fire disaster, remembering the 56

As football fans, we want to turn away from Port Vale matters for a moment and remember the tragic events of the 11th May 1985.

We stand together as one family – a football family – and so we should spare a thought for the 56 members of our family who never came back from a game at Valley Parade.

Just like any other family we may have our squabbles and rivalries, but apart from the colours of our scarves we are all united by our passion for our club and the beautiful game.

On this day some 31 years ago, what should have been a celebration of the final game of the season in 1984-85 turned into a tragedy as fire engulfed the main stand at 3:40pn in the midst of Bradford City’s title winning celebrations.

As a result of the tragedy, new legislation governing safety at sports stadia was introduced, while the Bradford University Burns Research Unit was established as a lasting legacy to those who suffered.

The families and friends of those who lost their lives that day are all in our thoughts today. You will not be forgotten…

The 56

John Douglas Ackroyd (32)
Edmund Anderton (68)
Alexander Shaw Baines (70)
Herbert Bamford (72)
Christopher James Bulmer (11)
Jack Leo Coxon (76)
Leo Anthony Coxon (44)
David James Crabtree (30)
Harry Crabtree (76)
Derek Dempsey (46)
Muriel Firth (56)
Samuel Firth (86)
Andrew Fletcher (11)
Edmond Fletcher (63)
John Fletcher (34)
Peter Fletcher (32)
Nellie Forster (64)
Felix Winspear Greenwood (13)
Peter Greenwood (46)
Rupert Benedict Greenwood (11)
Norman Hall (71)
Peter Anthony Halliday (34)
Arthur Hartley (79)
Edith Hindle (79)
Frederick Hindle (76)
Moira Helen Hodgson (15)
Eric Hudson (72)
John Hughes (64)
John Hutton (74)
Walter Kerr (76)
Peter Charles Lovell (43)
Jack Ludlam (55)
Gordon Stuart Mcpherson (39)
Irene Mcpherson (28)
Roy Mason (74)
Frederick Norman Middleton (84)
Harold Mitchell (79)
Elizabeth Muhl (21)
Ernest Normington (74)
Gerald Priestley Ormondroyd (40)
Richard John Ormondroyd (12)
Robert Ian Ormondroyd (12)
Sylvia Lund Pollard (69)
Herbert Price (78)
Amanda Jayne Roberts (20)
Jane Sampson (18)
William Stacey (72)
Craig Albert Stockman (14)
Jane Ashley Stockman (16)
Trevor John Stockman (38)
Howard Malcolm Turner (41)
Sarah Elizabeth Turner (16)
Simon Neil Ward (18)
Robert Wedgeworth (72)
William James West (78)
Adrian Mark Wright (11)

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