OVF set to move to a bigger, improved server

OVF set to move to a bigger, improved server

The onevalefan.co.uk website is set to move to a larger and more powerful server to cope with increased demand.

Recent site crashes have highlighted the fact that our current server is now running at peak memory use and is unable to expand any further.

As a result, OVF will be migrating to a new server with twice the memory.

The move should take place this week and users are reminded that although the move should be seamless there may be intermittent losses of access to the site. We will inform you when the migration is completed.

We would also point out that due to the migration a couple of days of forums posts may be lost while files are moved from one server to the other.

Please note that if you have any access difficulties with the OVF website you can contact us – via Twitter @onevalefan and via email robfielding@yahoo.co.uk

The server does come with increased costs so if you would like to help with these, you can donate via this page

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