Owner Q&A: No Cox role, close Page relationship, no funds for signings

Owner Q&A: No Cox role, close Page relationship, no funds for signings

Port Vale owner Norman Smurthwaite has been active on the OVF Forum recently, answering questions from a number of fans. 

Chairman Q&A

Here is a summary of some of the questions and answers:

Q: Do Cox and Ramshaw [OVF Note: former Torquay boss Paul Cox and his assistant who have been linked to Vale] have anything at all to do with Port Vale?

NS: No.

Q: How would you describe your relationship with Rob Page?

NS: Close and personal.

Q: Is it true that you and the manager don’t talk to each other?

NS: No.

Q: With [Ryan] Inniss injured and back at Palace, were we paying some of his wages? If so, I presume we are not anymore and therefore can that money be used to bring in what we so very desperately need… a striker?

NS: We are liable and paying his full loan fee until the season end plus a hefty medical bill.

Q: Are the floodlight contractors working on the Hamil/Paddock floodlight? At the Shrewsbury game more than half of the bulbs on that floodlight were not working.

NS: Work started today.

Q: Any news on when the Bycars/Lorne Street lights will be done – I realise this is a much bigger job than just replacing a few bulbs, though and means sorting out the “pig’s ear” of the original construction?

NS: It’s done other than bulb alignment and replacing some lights on Lorne St stand.

Q: Great. So is the pylon staying where it is?

NS: For now, although I might erect one through the roof of Bycars stand if it does not meet Championship Lux standard.

Q: Are there any plans for a new striker in January or are we hopeful of extending  the Uche [Ikpeazu] loan… or both ?

NS: The verdict is out for Uche. There will be no new funds unless players are loaned out freeing up wages.

Q: As you know, whilst our home for is good our away form is very poor. Is is this something to which you yourself would urge Page to alter – for example would you make sure tactics were changed? Or do you stay out of that side of the game?

NS: One of the biggest drawbacks for the club is my lack of football experience and technical knowledge of the game. The main observation for me is that Uche needs to be loved and the chanting of his name in unison brings the best out of him and in turn our game. Also, our style of play has really been tailored to our pitch mainly its width and feel somewhat cramped on smaller grounds.