Smurthwaite blasts ’embarrassing’ police intel (and OVF agrees)

Smurthwaite blasts ’embarrassing’ police intel (and OVF agrees)

Port Vale chairman Norman Smuthwaite has attacked the Police for “dictatorial and disproportionate actions” after the club’s game against Doncaster was deemed high risk.

There was a general feeling at the ground that the huge numbers of police was completely over-the-top for the small and well-behaved Doncaster away contigent.

Vale have also been forced into changing parking arrangements and constructed an expensive fence following meetings with the police.

In a tweet Smurthwaite complained to Chief Constable Jane Sawyers and suggested that the club would appeal the police costs for the Doncaster game.

The tweets read:

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On this occasion I could not agree more with Norman. In my view, the police have damaged their reputation in recent days. They have come across as draconian at best and at worst looking like they have a grudge against the clubs (especially when you consider their comments to the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Club slamming the Vale). It would have been hysterical if it wasn’t so expensive, to have seen more police than Doncaster fans at the ground on Saturday.

The club are clearly frustrated because every time they appeal, the police can simply reply that public safety is at risk and the club, of course, cannot appeal if that is the response.

So, it is high time that the police changed their attitude and worked with, rather than against Port Vale FC. I blogged on this earlier this week and I repeat the link and the title of that article for any police representative reading – Police’s professionalism and relationship with Vale MUST improve.

Rob Fielding –