The Port Vale War Cry anthem

The Port Vale War Cry anthem

We present a special feature on the Port Vale anthem of the 1920’s – which includes a portion of the lyrics, scans of the songsheet and a re-working of the song by band Cock’s Entry.

So, what was the “Port Vale War Cry?”

The original Port Vale War Cry was written by Fred Glen for a club concert on November 10, 1920. When it was released, over 12,000 copies were sold to raise money for club funds.

Here are the original lyrics which makes reference to players of the 1920’s:

The chorus goes:

All together boys, one, two, three
Let your voices ring
This is the chorus
So don’t forget to sing
When you reach the finish
Make the crowd turn pale
Now then are you ready?
Play up, play up Port Vale!

And here are some of the verses from the song:


Here are two images of the sheet music:

sheet sheet2

So, if you want to hear what the song sounds like (and hear Cock’s Entry’s updating of the verses) click on the video at the top of this article.

Thanks to Cock’s Entry for allowing OVF to use their song.