Share your shirts at Vale Vaults

Share your shirts at Vale Vaults

We continue to gather contributions for OVF’s exhibition Vale Vaults and this time we’d like to ask if any fans have a rare or unusual Port Vale shirt to donate?

We’ve already had several shirts donated and we’re particularly on the look-out for any old (pre-1990’s) shirts, any player shirts and any signed or unusual items.

If you have a shirt you think would suit our exhibition then please fill in the form on this page. We will endevour to return all items back to their owners in good condition.

We will have some more exciting news about Vale Vaults later this month…

For more details on Vale Vaults, please scroll down this page.

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Need a shirt framing?

Our friends at Barewall Gallery are offering OVF viewers a 10% discount on shirt framing. For more details, call 01782 258843 or email for details


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