Alsager 0-8 Port Vale

Alsager 0-8 Port Vale

Goalkeeper Ryan Boot (pictured) got on the scoresheet as the Valiants powered past Alsager Town on Monday evening.

Trialists Vidal, Jennings and Guyonet made their second friendly appearances but Michael O’Connor was missing from the Vale squad. Youth teamers Morris, Haughton and Kapend also made the Vale squad.

The Valiants took the lead through Ryan McGivern after 10 minutes then Mark Marshall made it 2-0, Colin Daniel hit the bar before a Chris Lines penalty made it 3-0 at the break.

Vale changed their line-up at the break and Guyonet set up youngster Haughton to make it 4-0 before Pope netted twice to put Vale 6-0 up after 68 minutes.

Then Ryan Boot, on as an outfield sub netted with a header to make it seven to the Vale and youth teamer Morris made it 8-0.

Vale first-half: Neal, Yates, McGivern, Duffy, Dickinson, Marshall, Lines, Jennings, Daniel, Lloyd, Williamson

Vale second-half: Johnson, Vidal, Robertson, Smith, Morris, Haughton, Dodds, Kapend, Guyonet, Lloyd (Boot), Pope

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