1960’s: Letters from the past

1960’s: Letters from the past

Do you think fan criticism only began with the Internet age? Think again as we provide a selection of letters – critical, controversial and passionate – from the late 1960’s.

First up, just to show the volume of letters, here is just one page from the scrapbook. There are several more like this:


So, what type of letters? Firstly, there is the straight-forward critical approach:




We have the 1960’s version of that Internet favourite – the so-called happy clapper:


And the usual grass is always greener view that Vale should bring back a favourite player or manager:


We have some some sensible opinions:



So, you see, fans’ views and opinions are really not that much different then and now. It’s just the medium that has changed.

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This scrapbook with cuttings from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s was kindly provided to OVF by a long-standing Port Vale supporter.


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