Smurthwaite opposes Dyke’s plans

Smurthwaite opposes Dyke’s plans

Port Vale owner Norman Smurthwaite has opposed “short term” plans by Greg Dyke’s FA commission.

Dyke’s plans have been widely criticised as unworkable and detrimental to the pyramid structure.

Smurthwaite agrees with the criticism saying:  “My personal view is it would dilute the value of the professional game, but I believe that if some in the Premier League had their way there would eventually be a Premier League One and Two and the rest of us would be dismissed as an irritant.

In the long term they would erode the value of the game in this country…

“There might be short term gains for Premier League clubs in introducing B teams, but in the long term they would erode the value of the game in this country.

“We will become feeder clubs and the true principles and whole point of competition will go. The Premier League would see Football League teams as apprenticeship clubs to them.”

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