Chairman issues statement

Chairman issues statement

Norman Smurthwaite has issued a statement in response to recent developments at the club.

The statement addresses various issues including:

  • The player registration embargo which Smurthwaite says is a “far from acceptable position” but which will remain in place until the end of the season. Smurthwaite also apologises for the “incorrect information” that the club announced last week.
  • There is an explanation of club finances which clarifies that a proportion of the matchday revenue is free or complimentary tickets and that the income for this season will be around £4m while the club’s salary bill will be £3.7m “and there lies the major problem.”
  • Confirmation that the Sondico shirt deal has ended and a new deal will be announced on Friday.
  • Staffordshire Police have been paid and”all creditors being settled by the 31st March.”
  • The argument for an appointment of a CEO has been noted. Smurthwaite does not personally “sign up to the theory that such a person will cover his costs” but he will consult with the Supporters Club on gauguing the fans’ views on this issue.
  • A reduction in the price of 9-11 year-old’s season tickets after reviewing the numbers affected.
  • An update on season ticket renewal sales which stands at 138 – “way below” what would be the expected take up.
  • A thank you to Jack Grimmer for his efforts during his loan spell.

You can read the full statement here



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