OVF Vote: Do Vale need a CEO?

OVF Vote: Do Vale need a CEO?

In light of recent events at the club, we want to ask supporters if they feel the club needs to employ a CEO.

The question is not – can the club afford a CEO? it’s simply can the club afford not to have one?

OVF editor Rob Fielding has argued on several occasions that “with the recent issues at the club – a transfer embargo that the manager was unaware of, the Joe Davis eligibility debacle at Plymouth and the failure to register Lee Hughes’ loan last season, it is clear that even the basics are beyond some Vale staff. As the panel below on the right indicates, it is part of a CEO’s duty to manage the day-to-day running of an organisation. That is surely exactly what we are missing!”

He concluded that: “the question is not – can the club afford a CEO? it’s simply can the club afford not to have one?

But what do you think? Would the appointment of a CEO bring us out of this mess? Vote in our poll below (voting closes at the end of March and we’ll release the results then)

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OVF Vote: Do Vale need a CEO?

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