OVF Vote: 91% want a Vale CEO

OVF Vote: 91% want a Vale CEO

The results of OVF’s recent vote on whether the club needs a CEO are now in with 91% believing the club needs a CEO.

OVF has put forward its case for a CEO and it’s a view accepted by the majority of those who voted in our poll.

The poll was only live for the weekend and a total of just under 150 fans took part. OVF realises (of course) that figure doesn’t represent the complete Port Vale audience, but this website still believes that the results give a strong indication of the overall views of fans. These results would indicate that most Vale fans think that a CEO would benefit the club.

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Poll results


Does the club need a CEO to manage day-to-day activities?

Yes (91%)
No (5%)
Not sure (4%)

Are you currently embarrassed by off-field operations and communications at Vale Park?

Yes (93%)
No (7%)

Would you be more likely to buy a season ticket if the club was run better?

Yes (80%)
No (20%)

Would you be happy for money (e.g. £100,000) to be taken off the playing budget to fund a CEO?

Yes (68%)
No (32%)

Do you think a good CEO will bring in more revenue than it costs to employ him/her?

Yes (85%)
No (15%)


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