Adams: still no news on contract

Adams: still no news on contract

Manager Micky Adams says there is still nothing to add regarding an offer of a new contract at the club.

Adams is out of contract in the summer and the issue of a new deal has been long, painful and protracted one for Port Vale fans.

Chairman Norman Smurthwaite insists he is keen for Adams to stay while the manager himself has commented that he has “never expressed a desire to leave.”

However, the pair have often contradicted themselves with Smurthwaite claiming that contract negotiations were under way and Adams denying that he had seen any such offer.

Smurthwaite remains confident that Adams will stay at the club and has insisted that either a deal will be discussed in late February early March.

Adams was asked by journalists ahead of the Wolves games if there was any update on his contract and his answer was blunt – “No.”

There are differing opinions among fans as to who is to blame for the impasse. Some have argued that it is to Adams’ advantage to stall and take advantage of being a free agent in the summer, while others have blamed Chairman Norman Smurthwaite for talking about but not actually delivering a firm contract offer.

Regardless of who is to blame, the majority of Vale fans will surely be keen for Adams to stay and for a speedy end to this long-running saga.




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