Essential tips for fan travel

Essential tips for fan travel

The Autumn has rolled around again and, although for many kids around the world it means the start of a new school year, for football fans it’s something much more exciting – the beginning of a brand new season.

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Loads of stadiums are worthwhile going to at some point, just so you know you’ve seen it first hand…

If you’re heavily into your European football and you’ve ever toyed with the idea of travelling around to major stadiums to catch some big matches, you may have been put off by the perceived costs and hassle involved. Actually, it can be much cheaper than you might think and pretty easy to organise. All you need is the time, the will and the love of amazing football.

The best way to squeeze in your footballing favourites is to have a really good plan out at the start of the season. Have a think about whether you want to stick to the Premier League or expand your horizons to include the Bundesliga and La Liga.

Depending on your favourite teams and where they’re playing, it could be a good idea to work out when you can get over to different countries and set aside a realistic budget. There are plenty of online deals to go to games, and although you probably assume they’re sold out well in advance, you can actually pick up tickets very close to the match day.

Obviously you need to check in advance, as some games will sell out, but if you keep your eyes peeled and are prepared to go at the drop of a hat you can fit some exciting games in this season.

Loads of stadiums are worthwhile going to at some point, just so you know you’ve seen it first hand. There’s nothing more exciting than enjoying a game at somewhere like Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid. The home of the great Real Madrid, it’s one of the most stunning stadiums to visit. It has a museum and you can see with your own eyes the nine European cups on display that show very clearly why Real is regarded as one of the finest football teams in the world. If you manage to book a few days break in Spain, then it’s worth having a good look around Bernabeu during the day to really appreciate it and then head back for a match

In the UK, you most definitely have to visit Old Trafford, even if it’s just once to watch your team play the Reds. It’s one of the most stunning stadiums in England and outside you’ll find statues of legends including Sir Matt Busby, George Best and Bobby Charlton. It’s worth taking the tour, having a look in the museum and checking out the huge shop, before watching a match at the stadium.

Back to Spain for Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home stadium – one of the largest in Europe. There is a brilliant tour around the stadium and you can also see a football art collection by Joan Miro, a local Catalan artist, which puts a different twist on the usual stadium tours. But you’re mostly here for the football, so make sure you pick a match that looks as exciting as possible and search online for cheap flights and accommodation. It’s possible to find cheap flights to Murcia from Manchester, for example, pretty easily online, which is great for those Man U fans who want to check out some European football.

No matter which UK airport you’re going from, you’ll be able to find decently priced accommodation and flights with just a bit of forward planning – get stuck in, you know it’ll be worth it!

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