Normal OVF service is restored

Normal OVF service is restored

After a hacking attempt on our WordPress database, we are happy to report that things are back to normal at OVF Towers.

We have no reason to believe we were specifically targeted as the hack consisted of hundreds of links to Chinese shopping websites being inserted into our articles.

Unfortunately, many WordPress sites worldwide have been targeted recently by automated hacking robots and we can only presume our password was not strong enough to escape this threat. We will be strengthening our password security as a result.

However, please note that we have moved to a new URL as a result of sorting out this mess. Rather than our pages are now hosted at You may therefore find that bookmarked pages will no longer work correctly.

Luckily, our forum uses a different database and password and was unaffected by this attempt.

However, there may still be the odd OVF feature not working and if so can you let OVF editor Rob Fielding know. His email is

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