A little tale of my Port Vale

We were pleased to receive an email from Noel Stephen Evans with a poem about Port Vale. So pleased, in fact, we’ve decided to publish it and we hope you like it…

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When I See my team, it fills me with pride.
For my love for you, I just cannot hide.
As long as there’s day, and as long as there’s night.
I’ll show off my colours, coz i’m a Valeite.

My beloved Vale, was formed long ago.
In 1876, I’m sure you did know.
We started at Longport, then moved to Moorland.
Now we’re at Burslem, my support is on hand.

We’ve had our fair share, of some wonderful times.
Like winning the play offs, in 89.
Robbie Earle scoring, to win us the game.
As Vale Park erupted, the scene was insane.

There’s so many games, I remember fondly.
Like winning the Autoglass, in 93.
And in 2001, came our next trophy.
As Wilko and Brooker, won the LDV.

We’ve seen many stars, since our club’s famous birth.
There’s Sproson and Kirkham, Birchall and Ainsworth.
Don’t forget Taylor, our first million pound.
And in Martin Foyle, a legend we found.

Speaking of legends, I’m sure you’ll find.
Amongst all our fans, John Rudge springs to mind.
From 83, when his reign did start.
He always showed loyalty, passion and heart.

I’ll support you forever, when all’s said and done.
Coz I’m a true Valiant, you’re my number one.
So this is my story, a proud little tale.
You’re deep in my heart, I love my Port Vale.

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