Vale fans vote to change crest next season

Vale fans vote to change crest next season

Port Vale FC has announced that fans have voted overwhelmingly in favour to change the club crest for the 2013-14 campaign.

A new crest which will be in place for next season was approved by over 75% of the  fans who responded.

The crest design was proposed on the 10th January and the club gave its reasons for the change as: “We want to recognise the history and heritage of supporters and players alike who have helped to shape the club today and embrace this as part of our future.

“We believe that reintroducing a former crest for next season, along with a strap line which recognises all who have played their own unique part, will help to do this.”

The new crest design will be on all home, away and third kits for next season.

The club has also taken on board comments from supporters regarding the Staffordshire knot and Port Vale’s founding year, 1876, and these will both be incorporated in the proposed crest.

The newly-designed crest will be unveiled to supporters early next week, before being adopted for 2013-14.

Port Vale Chairman, Paul Wildes, said: “We thank all of the fans who have taken the time to vote and welcome that the proposal to change the crest for next season has been so convincingly supported.

“We always wanted this to be a two-way consultation process and with this in mind, we have decided to amend the crest further to incorporate the changes requested by our fans.

“We are looking forward to seeing the crest on the kit next season, which we will hope will go on sale to supporters at the end of this campaign.”

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