Fans invited to crucial Supporters Club meeting

Fans invited to crucial Supporters Club meeting

The Port Vale Supporters Club have organised a meeting at Vale Park to discuss the club’s current crisis.

The event will take place on Monday night in the The Valiant Suite, Vale Park at 7pm and administrator Bob Young will be in attendance.

Potential owner Keith Ryder has also been invited to the meeting but it is not known if he will attend.

OVF would also like to quote part of an SC article by committee member Gary Benson who has told fans: “By all means you should ask Bob any questions you want but you should also respect his answer of his refusal to answer some questions. He is a guest of the SC and the meeting will be conducted in an orderly manner. Otherwise it will finish early. Any arguing or a slanging match will serve no purpose at all.”

OVF completely agrees with Gary’s comment.

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