Yates: I believe in Adams

Yates: I believe in Adams

Full-back Adam Yates has told the Sentinel that he has complete faith in manager Micky Adams and that he is “sure he will find the right players for us.”

Adams will have to rebuild his squad following the departures of Anthony Griffith, Sean Rigg and Marc Richards, but Yates is confident that Adams is up to the task.

Yates said: “The gaffer is an experienced boss and I’m sure he will find the right players for us,” said right-back Yates.

I believe in him and I’m certain the others players do too. He might need six, seven or eight new faces, but I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“He will obviously have his priorities – he will have to replace Marc Richards’s goals for a start – but I’m sure he will have his eye on new players. I’m certain he’ll get it right in the end.”

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