Supporters Club praise ‘more affordable’ ticket plans

Supporters Club praise ‘more affordable’ ticket plans

The Port Vale Supporters Club have issued a press release praising prospective owner Keith Ryder’s plans to make the ” match day experience more affordable.”

Port Vale FC announced two new season ticket initiatives recently which include – pay for half of a season ticket in May and the rest in June and the “ST6” money off proposal.

The Supporters Club press release states:


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The Supporters Club have an online forum where you can pass on your suggestions which the Supporters Club will raise with the football club. You can visit it through this link

Port Vale Supporters’ Club has welcomed the announcement of two new season ticket incentives for fans announced today by preferred bidder Keith Ryder.

The club has revealed that supporters who buy a season ticket this month will be able to pay half of the money by May 31 and the remaining half by June 30.

The ‘ST6’ initiative has also been launched today. If 6,000 Season Tickets are sold for the 2012-13 season then the club will offer six per cent off next year’s renewal price, while 5,000 sales would lead to a five per cent reduction. If the club were to sell 7,000 season tickets, then Vale will offer fans seven per cent off the cost of a Season Ticket for the 2013-14 season.

Both season ticket incentives come from Port Vale’s preferred bidder Keith Ryder, in agreement with administrators Begbies Traynor.

Port Vale Supporters’ Club Chairman Pete Williams said: “We have been in regular talks with Keith Ryder in recent weeks and have been stressing the importance of making Port Vale as affordable as possible for its loyal fans.

“The difficulty is that Mr Ryder has yet to take over at Vale and so, to some extent, his hands are tied with regard to offers he is able to make to supporters at this stage.

“However, we believe these two incentives are great gestures which signal Mr Ryder’s absolute intent to get more fans into Vale Park by making the match day experience more affordable.

“What’s more, in the light of recent discussions we are confident that, once he has taken over at Vale Park, Mr Ryder will announce further incentives.”

Mr Williams added: “The Supporters’ Club is also in talks with Mr Ryder with regard to staging the inaugural Sproson Day at Vale Park in July. It will be a family fun day at which the long-awaited statue of the club’s greatest servant, Roy Sproson, will finally be unveiled with proper ceremony. More details on this will follow as soon as possible.”

Mr Ryder, whose bid for control of Port Vale goes before a Football League committee next month, said: “Vale Park is a fantastic stadium and it would be great if we can pack it with as many home fans as possible. I want to make Vale Park a fortress and to do that we need as many fans as possible to cheer on the lads.

“I have listened to suggestions from supporters, who have requested easier payment plans and incentives for buying tickets. A Season Ticket remains the most cost-effective way to watch Port Vale all season and I hope that fans will take the club up these incentives.”

Port Vale Supporters’ Club now boasts a membership of more than 1,500 fans. Membership is completely free and you can join online through this link:

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