Meet Port Vale Deaf: Vale’s champion side

Meet Port Vale Deaf: Vale’s champion side

Micky Adams’ side have a long way to go to match the achievements of Port Vale Deaf DFC – a side who have never finished lower than league champions throughout the outfit’s three year existence. OVF’s Rob Fielding spoke to Port Vale Deaf’s Shaun Sadlier to find out more…

Port Vale Deaf DFC (DFC stands for deaf football club) have been in existence since 2009. They have two sides that take part in the Staffordshire Ability Counts League (seven-a-side) and the Fenton Manor 5-a-side.

How are they doing? Well, as good as you can be, sitting on top of both the Staffordshire Ability Counts league and the Fenton Manor League.

Port Vale Deaf: A brief history

Port Vale Deaf DFC were formed in 2009. In 2010, a second Vale side, made up of adults experiencing mental health issues was formed. This second side were named Port Vale Disability Football Club.

Port Vale Deaf have been league champions for all three seasons that they have competed in the Staffordshire Ability Counts League.

One of the team’s ambitions is to recruit enough players to compete in eleven-a-side leagues as they want Port Vale Deaf DFC to become one of the country’s finest deaf community sporting teams.

So, if you’d like to join them, deaf players train in the Port Vale FC community building on Monday evenings from 7.30pm to 8.45pm. Everyone who qualifies for the relevant disability group is very welcome to come and train but do ring their office first on 01782 575594 to let the team know.

There’s a number of ways to follow the team online. There’s more information on the Port Vale Community Trust website – Meanwhile, there are two Facebook group you can join to follow the team’s exploits, these are and

OVF would like to thank Shaun Sadlier for his help with this article and his commitment to bringing Port Vale Deaf to the attention of the wider Vale audience. OVF will do our bit to support Port Vale Deaf – we’ll have links to their websites on our site and bring you occasional updates on their exploits.

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