Adams attacks online 'armchair critics'

Adams attacks online 'armchair critics'

Port Vale manager Micky Adams has called on rumour-mongers on Port Vale forums to stop.

In comments to the Sentinel newspaper Adams said: “These people who sit in front of their computers and start rumours about me and the club are just talking nonsense, and I want them to stop.

“They try to tell me what I should be doing, criticise this and that, and there are now more messages about me wanting to join Gillingham apparently.

I don’t read these message boards, or whatever they are called,  but I have been told all about them.

“I have to work with constraints and budgets and the real world.

“When I came back from Sheffield United, I said I would be totally committed to this club and that remains the case.”


  1. I agree with micky, we will all have a opportunity later in the season should it go pear shaped. Meantime lets get behind Adams and the vale and players. We are selling the vale short and not helping the cause with constant negativity to the extent that season ticket sales may well be affected. Lets wait and see and start being more positive..

  2. I think this is a case of foot in mouth for MA, just when the fans have started to return he goes in the sentinel to criticize, seems like he did not learn from last year when he joined Lloyd and Co on the board,I repeat what I say then,stick to the job that you were brought back to do at the club,horses for courses,
    All he needed to do was to say “My job is manager of Port Vale” end of.

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