OVF set for final upgrade work

OVF set for final upgrade work

This is a notice to all our users that we will attempt to upgrade our forum software on Monday and Tuesday evening.

We want to upgrade the forum to enable users with mobile and tablet devices to be able to access a free, more mobile-friendly version of our forum.

This will be the final upgrade on OVF for a while. We are pleased to report that we have experienced virtually no site crashes since we upgraded to an improved server and we hope that this forum upgrade will enable us to fulfil our recenti site work.

For anyone not aware of what we have done, here is a brief update:

News and features:

These are now written in WordPress which not only eases the pressure on the forum database (which used to have 15 years of news alongside all the forum posts in it) but also enables the articles to be more SEO-friendly, tagged, searchable and to be viewed in a number of user-friendly ways (e.g. as a PDF, with larger fonts and on mobile devices).


The ‘old’ server was unable to cope with heavy trafic days so we have upgraded to a larger and more powerful machine. This has virtually eliminated crashes.


This is the final step and involves an upgrade of the forum to bring you more features and also to enable mobile users to view a free, mobile-friendly version of the forum.

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