Tom Seddon – An Obituary

Tom Seddon – An Obituary

Sad news reaches us about the passing away of life-long Vale fan Thomas ‘Tom’ Seddon, who has died at the age of 82.

Thomas Arthur Seddon, known as ‘Tom’ had supported the Valiants since childhood and passed away on the 27th July this year.

Sadly, Tom, a regular on the terraces over the years, was unable to see the Valiants in person recently after he had suffered a stroke – ironically while watching the Vale in action.

Nevertheless, he was able to pay one final, sentimental visit to his beloved side. Son Arthur arranged for his funeral cortege to pass Vale Park and allow Tom to spiritually be with his heroes for one last time.

The funeral incorporated the Valiants anthem ‘The Wonder of You’ and all floral decorations were in the Vale home colours.

After the passing of his father, Arthur Seddon is continuing the family’s Vale traditions as Tom’s grandchildren Ian and Lisa and great-grandchildren Rhys and Ethan all continue to support Port Vale FC.

The website would like to express our own sympathies to the Seddon family for their sad loss.

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