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Thread: Smurf Out 2.0

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    Mar 2013

    Smurf Out 2.0

    More out of principle than anything.

    Why was the previous thread locked? Was on topic and civil, people were venting their frustrations at the way the club is being run. The explanation given was 'it has been discussed', but I fail to see how this is the mod's prerogative to decide this when I thought their task was to ensure threads stay on topic and remain civil.

    A shame as there was a lot of excellent posts by genuinely concerned Vale fans in there. Will be difficult to at least get people discussing action, or at least where we go from here, with the same momentum again

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    Red card is the way forward

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    I think he needs to go as well but that thread was just the same things over and over with the truth somewhere in the middle. My favourite bit was one poster (old and should know better) who had disgracefully abused NS daughter on here complaining that Smurf had had a pop at him previously. Doesn't live by his own rules but expects others too! Irony!

    Anyway, back on thread, time for Norm to go, not sure there is any way back for him now, the fans have spoken.

    I think deciding on action would do more than 200 pages of Norm abuse though.

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    I have to say I agree with Hagrid.

    This is a topic that people want to discuss and until Norman goes it will continue to be a hot topic. People also get told off for making other topics about Norman.

    Having a dedicated thread is the solution to that.

    I would also like to add that Admin on this site do a cracking job which isnít easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagrid View Post
    Why was the previous thread locked?
    Contact the admin instead of restarting a locked thread, thats like sticking two fingers up to the moderators. How rude! just to start a locked thread again and overuling the site staff. Unbelievable 😮

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    I fully respect admin and know they do an excellent job BUT as I posted on another thread imo a thread on Smurthwaite has to be continued as there is so much to still air. I agree it's not constructive to go over and over old well trodden feelings against the Owner but until he either sells up or confirms honestly what if anything he intends to do in the face of possibly Vale's worst hours then devoted fans have to post their concerns. We do face an abyss still as the weeks go by so surely we ought to have the opportunity of expressing thoughts/concerns/ criticisms etc?

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    Smurf out or it will be over and out for Port Vale football club .
    If you are the owner of a car do you not service it properly .
    If you are the owner of a dogs home do u not feed and keep the animals warm .
    If you are a owner of a magnificent football club do you not try get the best players you can on the pitch so more folkwant to watch it .
    Just go please take your money and open the door for another who might understand football is about what product is on the pitch .
    Investment in the ground ,having a happy workforce is essential to a thriving community .
    Look at Accrington Stanley what a massive success story they are and only 88 of hem came to watch there win at Vale park v us .
    Every single Vale supporter deserves better .
    So f--k off

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    Jan 2011
    I was surprised to see such an important thread locked, as fans were venting their frustration at the person responsible for the demise of our club.

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    It was Smurfs fault it got locked.

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    I aren't one to normally critise, but in recent months quite a few threads have been prematurely closed imo. Seems a forum can no longer be a place to "discuss" matters.... I am confused particularly as this thread was very important and had some very good constructive posts. Maybe I will leave the site completely as I don't want it to end up being North Korea 2.......

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    If one has an illness it is necessary to keep up with the treatment it until it has gone.

    Port Vale has an illness.

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