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    Match Thread: Port Vale v Exeter

    Well well well after yet another disappointing result we have a team who are miles better than the Cheltenham team we lost to yesterday.
    Booked the night off work to go .
    Team u may aswell choose the team from the crowd .
    The desire is not there ,the application is cowardly and judging by the non performance levels of most players this year so far we will need a miracle get a positive result .
    The crowd will be low like a morgue lately and no doubt the small travelling faithful from Exeter will have a team of guts giving it there all so they will be proud of them .
    Id drop 8 out of 11 who played yesterday may as well play the youth team with Pope Worrall and Hannant .
    Could they do any worse .
    If Regis and Middleton and young Slinn dont get a game after whst the senior pros have not being producing then even i will start questioning the manager a man who had more fight in him than the majority if not all the players put together .

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    To be honest VFIA I believe the vast majority of Valiants now don't give a damn who actually gets a shirt. The so called "seasoned professionals" have failed us miserably so why not introduce an entirely different approach to the game and play those that have clearly not so far impressed Aspin, for whatever reason.

    We simply cannot allow this to go on any longer.

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    Losing interest fast, in fact I'm sick to death of watching vale. Pick pope Hannant and Worrall. Don't care about the rest. Won't be wasting any more money either. 0-2

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    7 without a win and the next two look particularly tough.

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    Leadership is required both in the dressing room and on the pitch, irrespective of who is picked the sum should be greater than the parts. Individuals make mistakes whether at Cheltenham or the Etihad, only by pulling together do results happen. Hope springs eternal, can the shock result at Exeter be repeated at home? Difficult I know, off-field problems do not help, maybe a cold night in Burslem is to our advantage? Chicken and egg for atmosphere, a spirited start helps or do we park the bus and go for a point in a morgue?

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    I'll be there as usual! I always live in hope but that's very much what it is at the moment.
    Confidence is extremely low at the moment and it becomes self perpetuating as we continue to lose games and individual errors increase.
    This game needs to be a peg in the ground in so much as Aspo has to get across to the players, especially the less experienced, not to panic and not to do stupid things like Lainton, Raglan and Whitfield all did yesterday. All three lost the ball in critical areas and every one cost a goal. Row Z if you have to!
    Kay is out so there has to be a change in midfield. For me I'd put Worrall there. I'd even consider 3 centre halves in a back 5 with Tonge in front and 3 midfielders ahead of him that can get up and down the pitch, e.g., Worrall, Whitfield, Hannant or Harness. That means Popey as a lone front man but if the midfield can show the energy they have in the past they can get up and support him.
    Whatever side or formation is picked the big thing is do the basics right; don't fanny around with the ball, don't get caught in possession, make your passes count, don't get pulled out of position, etc., etc.
    As I said, I live in hope!

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    I'm saying 0-3...toothless in attack, no legs in midfield with the ball like a hot potato, can't defend for toffee and have a keeper who looks like he's scared the ball might injure him. Suffice to say, I have better things to do on a Tuesday night and better ways to spend £22 on than the turgid rubbish that, save for a couple of games over Christmas, we've endured over the last 18 months or so.

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    Surely Stuart Nelson wouldn't mind a 6 month contract? Just to shore us up in goal.

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    Shuffle the pack again.At least Exeter will come to play an open game.We seem to do better against the teams who come to play football instead of parking the bus.At least play Harness in place of Kay and drop Worrall back into midfield.Boot is a better option than Lainton and deserves another chance.Maybe the big centre half from West Brom can give us more height at the back.

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    The team for me:

    Worrall- Tongue-Hannant

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    Gibbons Raglan smith Pugh


    Worral Hannant Harness

    Forrester pope

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