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    Match Thread: Port Vale v Luton Town

    A fantastic win over the Hatters would send all our dreams soaring. even a lose will still be in a league situation few dreamed of a few short months ago, and we will step into a bright new year with a spring in our step and hope in our hearts. Down to business, we may still have a few players unavailable, but can now put out a decent performance. I will leave it to the Maestro to pick and change the team, but who do you think will be in it?. Come on Vale lets end the year on a noisy high.
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    Clearly worthy of our respect but we aren't afraid of Luton Town. Score for fun, Hylton, Collins, Berry to name a few .
    3 months ago 0-4 .
    Now I'm really hopeful we can give them a really good game.
    Despite our result yesterday for me health permitting Anderson and Worrall come straight back in for Davis and Pugh, will he start with Barnett ? I doubt it myself .

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    Top of the league ,score for fun and play to win we face the Manchester City of league two .
    Its fantastic aint it .
    I just hope folk turn up(the bigger ya mouth the better so we can hear you encouraging every player wearing Black and White ).
    Pope is due as is Whitfield as is Harness deserving a home goal.
    Bring it on i say .
    Negative not a chance .
    Can we win .
    Yes .
    Will we win .

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    Don't know about a win because this will be a tough one but a draw would be a very good year ender,don't remember their pitch being all that big so that vales wide open spaces might be to our advantageUTV.

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    Luton are full of pace,throw a lot of men forward and score for fun.It's one of those games where a long ball out of defence might catch them out?

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    In Denmark we have a saying, that goes something like: ‘nobody is bigger, than they can lye down’.
    They have good players and have hit their form, not excactly Messi, Suarez and De Bruyne lining up for them.
    Go at them, with a focused backline for the counters. Keep the energi up from the CC game, and I cant see why we shouldn’t be able to pick at least a point

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    We are underdogs for this one. If we can stay in the game it should be a cracker. They clearly have a fair amount of quality in their team. Hopefully another decent crowd and good atmosphere.

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    I’m expecting nothing from this game, anything at all would be a bonus

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    Looking forward to this game, even though I don't expect a win. Knowing that we have an organised, hard working team who will give their all, along with enough talent to merit watching is massive progress.
    Pre Aspin, I would have gone with no expectations, not even any hope. Just a day out with my mates, the football an unwelcome intrusion.
    This is why crowds dwindled and the atmosphere was flat.
    It's already past tense now.
    The corner has been turned.
    The mood has lifted.
    There is more than hope, there is expectation, based on good evidence.
    This is why I support the Vale and why I will keep coming back.

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    I will be looking forward to this game, I think the performance against Coventry was very good and with a Luton coming to town, I think we will give them a game.

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    I think we will give them a game.[/QUOTE]

    That's it. Nail on the head.
    That's the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valiant steve View Post
    We are underdogs for this one. If we can stay in the game it should be a cracker. They clearly have a fair amount of quality in their team. Hopefully another decent crowd and good atmosphere.
    Underdogs and we can be pretty certain we'll give them a game based on recent evidence.
    This is what being a Vale fan is about!

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