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    The OVF January Transfer Window thread

    As the opening of the January transfer window approaches fast I have decided to have one, giant thread for all discussion...

    If you want to share gossip, pass on rumours, express a wish for a certain player to join or comment on any Vale ins or outs this is the place.

    Let's hope for a very successful transfer window for Aspo and the backroom team...

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    Good idea Rob for a dedicated thread.
    My two penneth.....a few questions need asking.
    1. Can we actually off load any perceived ' dead wood ' ? Who would want them ?

    2. Presuming Stobbs and Pyke go ( if not already left ) , do we need replacements ?
    For me get them off the books.

    3. Are we able to get the likes of Reeves and Turner on loan to give them game time and experience

    My own opinion is if Aspo can't sign a player who will go straight into the starting X1 then hold fire until the summer when he can do his work in depth. Anything is possible in football but it needs a huge 2nd half of the season to do anything special now due to the start we had under Brown.
    Am I looking over my shoulder any more .....NO for me unless it's a definite starter we do not need bodies in.
    Quality over quantity all day and for me this starts properly in May 2018.

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    Aspo doesn't need to rush at the moment, as these average players are actually improving under his leadership. All this hype about the January window could land us in trouble with other teams castoffs coupled with unrest with the lads who have performed so well recently. Let's make sure that we are safe this season and give Aspo and Rudge a fresh start next season. Can't believe the improvements all around the place and atmosphere too.Well done to all.

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    Danny Rowe from Fylde would be a good signing.He knows where the back of the net is and other clubs will be chasing him at end of season.

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    As mentioned above I think moving a few players on is crucial for our window. I'd like to see the following out;

    Pyke - term loan
    Stobbs - term loan
    Forrester - loan out
    Hornby - loan out for rest of season

    Then I'd like to see us strengthen the wings, a full back and a striker.

    Regis will be like a new signing in the middle.

    If Boot isn't good enough to be playing then we need a new keeper.

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    Loan out: Turner, Reeves, Middleton, Calveley, Walford. Anywhere, get them some minutes.

    Terminate loans: Pyke and Stobbs.

    Offer ADF mutual termination, a lump sum. Its a shame how its worked out as I'm convinced a players in there and his attitude has been spot on since day one, but if he isn't going to feature I think its only fair we let him go back to France. I'd do the same for Wilson as there's obviously issues to the extent where Aspin hasn't mentioned him and hasn't featured despite Gibbons and Yates being out. Are there personal issues or is he just unhappy?

    Extend loans of Denton, Harness, Whitfield (if they aren't already here for the season).

    Priorities: central midfielder with legs, full back cover (unless Kelly begins to feature, if not loan him), striker (Pope, Barnett, Forrester, and a non league lad with pace would suit us for the rest of the season).

    Its a lot to fit in a month but I have a genuine feeling that if we nail this window, cut the squad size down and add 3 players who can come in a contribute, we can climb this league.

    If Whitfield and Worrall stay fit, with the returning Regis and an admittedly improving Boot our squad is looking settled for the first time in 18 months. In Aspo we trust.

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    I personally hope Aspo looks to non-league.

    We have plenty of experience in this side but with Aspo getting the players to fire (as the others have said) we are no longer desperate for immediate answers so can afford to look for one or two for the future.

    I would be looking for a hungry non-league striker who perhaps needs a bit of fine-tuning, a box-to-box midfielder (even though Regis may be the answer, who knows, another young energetic player in midfield would help) and some full-back cover (specially as Yates and Knops are long-term out).

    I think the above would strengthen the squad (as cover for injuries/suspensions etc) and with half a season behind then, any non-league recruits could be ready to be first choices next season.

    It's also fairly cheap to look to non-league. If you go for established players you not only have to pay big wages but you've got no re-sale value and if they don't work out you're left with an ageing player drawing big wages on the books. At least if you take a chance on someone from non-league if it doesn't turn out you haven't lost out too much. And if you do pick up a gem you are laughing...

    If we can do the above plus ship out a few of the deadwood players then we'd have a more than decent window, I reckon.

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    What a testimony to Aspo. 13 games in charge and the long anticipated January window panic has been cancelled in favour of a much more measured approach.
    Stability is bursting out all over after another lengthy period of chaos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagrid View Post
    Loan out: Turner, Reeves, Middleton, Calveley, Walford. Anywhere, get them some minutes.

    Terminate loans: Pyke and Stobbs.

    Offer ADF mutual termination...
    Bang on assessment, would agree with the entire post. Would only add Slinn to that too, out on loan. Total would be 10 out, then bring 3/4 in in Jan I reckon. Clearing out & replacing entirely rarely works as it is intended to (like we have seen).

    Keep the core, trim the (currently quite large) fringe & improve on what we have, 3-6 players each window. Obviously a bit more this time around due to the past 18 months, but after that Aspin should have us a lot tidier.

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    Priorities for me are keeping hold of Harness and Whitfield. Personally I'd keep Turner around, if we get safe fairly quickly I'd be looking to give him a few games towards the end of the season as he's looked ok as sub in an underperforming team.
    If it's timely to bring in a couple that Aspo really wants because other clubs will be sniffing in the summer, bring them in by all means but that's the only reason I'd be bringing in new ones... keep our powder dry.

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    Hasnít it been stated that we are signing a striker who played for us in the reserves. Pretty much a dime and dusted transfer?

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