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    Sunny Clayton

    Aspin has inherited some rubbish

    When Neil Aspin came into the club a few weeks ago he must have thought that with a squad the size that we have that there must be a starting eleven capable of getting us up the league. How wrong can you be because in truth it looks as if we only have a mere handfull of players that are up for the fight and indeed good enough to wear the shirt.

    Is this all down to Brown's rotten recruitment or was it more to do with him not being allowed to bring in anyone who wanted more than peanuts. I suppose it doesn't really matter anymore but in my opinion there are only seven players on the books that are capable of getting us out of the mess that we currently find ourselves in and two of these are only here on loan. The squad is largely made up of either washed up has beens and young lads who sadly on current evidence never will be's

    Our midfield is so bad that we will never be able to control a game and up front Whitfield apart (and his Vale future appears to be in great doubt) we only have Tom Pope who appears to have a clue where the net is!

    Personally I can't wait for January when several better players need to be recruited or our league status is going to be in considerable doubt. If the manager must unload to free up cash to bring in new faces then I fear the worst because who is going to want our dross?
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    I don't think there's two ways about it.

    The last three windows have been total disasters. Our business next month has to be absolutely spot on, or we will be relegated out of the Football League.

    And by spot on I don't just mean half decent.

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    I agree. What the hell was brown doing? He has to be our worst even manager on so many levels. January needs to hurry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valiant_593 View Post
    I agree. What the hell was brown doing? He has to be our worst even manager on so many levels. January needs to hurry.
    Yeovil were the poorest team I've seen in many a while and the worrying thing is that the Vale weren't much better. I know we all talk about the transfer window as being the answer to our problems but I fear that it will not be as simple as that. Apart from four of the five loanees, who else can we ship out. As Old Sage points out,who would want any of them. Could we release a few of the unwanted players from their contracts? That would be an expensive business and one that I'm sure that Smurf wouldn't warm to. On the other side of the coin, what players are we likely to attract given our league position. We're in a mess. I think that Aspin's response in the after match interview was muted but you could sense that underneath he was seething. I think he did very well to keep the lid on the anger and frustration he must have been feeling.

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    If only one player is capable of scoring regularly and playing the actualgames to a 7/10 level then what we do in Jan will be very significant .
    U can see the players r trying there hardest as for the majority of the last few home games we have had more goal attempts yet what we got show for our efforts a pope penalty v Barnet and header yesterday .
    No one else coming up with the goods so it all falls on Tom Popes shoulders and as willing as he is we need more people chipping in with goals in fact the whole team bar the goalie .
    I agree with the original poster ,but its no good slagging the players off a lot of them probably playing for a pittance in footballing terms .
    These are bad times for Vale but this is where you need strong characters .
    Ive been watching them for years but that gives me no right to happiness at what they produce or dont produce .
    A businessman a good one will get the best out of his staff the same applies to a manager but if everyone is singing off different hymn sheets the chemistry between the players will never happen.
    Like for example Gibbons and Worrall ,there is something there i think a good chemistry .
    Like whitfield and pope etc .
    Every player has to up it and earn there money ( whatever the amount they get ).
    Aspo has to be forward and challenge those who are either not doing enough or quite frankly not good enough .
    I hope my ,my son and my nephews and your Vale can be awesome again but they wont be with negative squad players who are not seizing there chance when called upon.

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    When you look at the current starting 11 it makes you think WTF was Brown thinking. Not just from the crazy recruitment policy but also leaving out Anderson and Gibbons too.

    For a start I'd be shipping back loanees like Pyke, Stobbs and Harness. Denton

    Then long term we need to address the positions that Anderson, Whitfield and Denton have been playing in.

    I think players like Wilson, ADF, Reeves could struggle to stay here. If Reeves or ADF can't get a chance in the midfield and he decided to go with Pugh, Tonge and Kay then for me that says it all about what Aspin thinks of them.

    If Aspin doesn't see Kays future as a centre half then I think he's making do with him in midfield. He could end up getting replaced by a younger option. The same goes for Pugh and Tonge but I really believe that if we can free Tonge up in that midfield that he can dictate play for us.

    I think Forrester and Montano both need to start putting in performances or else they're in danger too. Also upfront Barnet is another who's yet to produce anything.

    You've got the fringe defenders of Davis and Kelly as well.

    The left hand side needs addressing. Gunning whilst steady is not a full back and you can tell in his movement and positioning. I'm not saying get rid of him but he may be a better option at left centre half if we can get a full back in? Aspin clearly doesn't fancy Denton at left back and he's in and out at left midfield so I think we need someone there too.

    There's a raft of youngsters to go out on loan like Walford, Calveley, Dennis, Slinn and arguably Turner as well. All of those have contracts expiring this coming summer so it's a big 6 months for them.

    Keeper is another number one issue too (pardon the pun). If we get another in then at least one of the current 3 (4 with Slinn) has to go. I don't think we can rely on Lainton as our number one due to his injury record. Whilst Boot and Horny are too inexperienced.

    But the problem is that firstly it would be too many players to get rid of in one go and secondly who wants to drop down to a bottom of the league club? We may be looking below us for players.

    Some players who's contracts run out in summer 2018 might just be allowed to wither on the vine and be left out if we can't find anyone to take them in January. But we have some like Wilson, Kay and Montano on longer deals I believe. Some of them (and the others mentioned above who are on the fringes) may be kept as cover of course.

    Aspin has a big job on his hands here. A job that will not be remedied quickly, we need to be patient with him IMO.
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    Aspo and Rudge made it clear on the radio during the week that the players we have aren't good enough and Aspo said there's a lot of he would like to get rid of. Trouble is he's stuck with a large squad containing little quality.
    January is make or break time and Rudgie said they've got some targets lined up, let's hope they're in midfield and are of Rudge quality. Norman also has a choice, fund whatever's needed or go out of the league which is a far more expensive option.
    The more I think about the absolute madness of the Bruno episode then the incompetence of the Brown era the more incredible I think it is. Things are still coming out that astound me such as Bournemouth being able to decide that Ben Whitfield can only play 20 minutes of our next match. Is Eddie Howe managing us now or are we Bournemouth reserves? Who at the Vale agreed to loan terms that allowed this situation to arise? What incompetence, it beggars belief.
    I have faith in Neil but I still think if he keeps us in the league this season he deserves a medal, he's picked up a squad with no more than half a dozen players of the required standard.

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    Some excellent points raised in this thread.

    At the end of the day however we as Valiant fans have to stand by our club.

    Admittedly the squad is top heavy, sadly lacking in any nous or ability. We can argue until the cows do come home who's fault it is that we find ourselves in this mess, BUT we have to look forward.

    The majority do appear to agree that in Aspin and Rudge we have the correct people to at least give us hope. therefore all speculation and optimism as to what we will be able to do in January has to left to them to deliver.

    I am currently witnessing a Team that is so low in confidence(even with the mighty Aspin behind them)that whatever we try on the pitch always comes down to the usual fact in football that if you don't put the ball in the onion bag then you will struggle.

    We have so many deficiencies throughout the squad but at least we have been able to say we SHOULD have had at least 3 or 4 goals on occasion before the opposition score. That suggest we do have some food for thought.

    In simple terms without anyone at all in the entire squad able to play alongside the presently mercurial Tom Pope, we are rightly going to struggle.

    Whatever Aspin does from now surely we have to have a regular, competent, scoring partner with Pope to allow us to have a chance. Any monies we have available after hopefully ridding ourselves of the absolute dross we are saddled with has to be channelled to bring in a lively player to complement Pope. If we can then score when we ought to we give ourselves that small light at the end of the tunnel to aim for.

    OK we also need a goalie, centre half and at least 2 midfielders/wide men but in my simple mind I see us creating chances weekly that are going begging and for years now we have not played with 2 front men who can actually see where the net is and put the flaming ball into there!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coskickabo View Post
    Could we release a few of the unwanted players from their contracts? That would be an expensive business and one that I'm sure that Smurf wouldn't warm to.
    We may have to if no-one wants to take them on...

    I suspect the majority of loanees with the exception of Whitfield and Anderson may go back. But there are a fair few players with long deals.

    Wilson - two-year deal
    Lainton - two-year deal *
    Barnett - two-year deal *
    Montano - two-year deal
    Davis - two-year deal

    * it's staggering in particular that two players with Lainton and Barnett's injury record were given TWO YEAR deals!

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