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    Fans can watch Port Vale's game with Shrewsbury Town online

    Port Vale’s Checkatrade Trophy clash with Shrewsbury Town on December 5th will be available to watch online, the Football League have announced. The League have decided to live stream all Checkatrade matches from round two onwards. The match will be broadcast live on the iFollow service – which already streams league matches to fans based […]

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    Seems designed to lower the gates even more. When it is like this I think the charge should be more then the admission price.

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    To me it increasingly looks like the Football League are using the Checkatrade Trophy as some sort of "beta-testing" football competition. Anything that can be tested seems to be in there.

    We've had the introduction of B-teams, live streaming (which will destroy the attendance figures even more), weird draw configurations and all sorts.

    I just think it's immensely damaging to the competition. Yes, it may be much maligned but for me it gave me two unforgetable days at Wembley and the Millennium and remains Vale's only realistic chance of winning a cup.

    Now all that has been destroyed because even if we win it this season, it is a tainted and damaged tournament which is constantly being tweaked and used to test out new "initiatives".

    Having said all of that... it's interesting that the FL are looking more and more into live streaming. First we had the ability for overseas fans to view the games and now this.

    You can kind of see the logic - there isn't the mass audience interested enough in Vale for many of our games to be screened on TV (it doesn't make commercial sense for the TV stations as the mass market audience just isn't there) but if you make it available on the web then it will still appear to the Vale audience, loyal fans, often living away from the area/abroad who will pay to watch their club through thick and thin.

    To me the logic is this - if fan John Smith in Germany cannot physically get to the game and fan Joe Bloggs in Manchester is working and hasn't enough time to travel to the game after work then the club earns zero from the pair. However, if the pair are offered live streaming and pay £5 each then the club are earning money from fans who otherwise would contribute nothing to that matchday.

    I think the FL perhaps see making more FL games available in this manner can bring in some useful extra revenue for the clubs.

    It's an interesting experiment but it's just a shame it's yet another experiment added to the Checkatrade tournament.

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    Fans can watch Port Vale's game with Shrewsbury Town online

    Itís also an experiment to see how much exposure to a wider audience can benefit ticket sales. We live in a different world than when we first started watching clubs like the Vale. Exposure was via the local newspaper plus word of mouth. Today itís the digital experience.
    I hope iFollowís customer service is being augmented to deal with extra subscribers. Subscribers who will inevitably have issues signing up, downloading apps and streaming video.
    On the whole, Iím for it.

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    Quote, "This opportunity is being extended to UK-based fans from next season, as we develop plans to deliver live domestic streaming for any non-Saturday 3pm league and live TV games."

    Makes me wonder where all this is going, is it the thin end of the wedge.

    Wish they would concentrate on improving the current product.

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