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    Match report: Morecambe 0-3 Port Vale

    If the phrase is*“Feed the Pope” then Tom Pope must be completely full at the moment. His double and Cristian Montano’s first goal saw Vale record an excellent away win. It also meant that Aspin had guided the side to six points from his first three games as Vale bid to move further away from […]

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    well Done Vale . Very proud of you .Thank you port vale for a wonderful Nights football And the with 3 points .

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    Jan 2011
    adderley green
    Unchanged lineup for once and positive forward thinking subs even though we were winning,are we sure this was Port Vale.utv.

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    Aug 2012
    Good morning fellow Valiants. couldn't sleep much, far too excited about Vale's revival!

    Life is good, breathe in that fresh Aspin air.

    After only 3 games in charge the follically challenged great one and his backroom staff have given us all the hope and desire again to be part of a reborn club.

    Not only are we getting the points we deserve but my god we are actually playing to a plan and everyone is involved.

    To coin a phrase "football is a funny old game" it really is! This division is absolutely wide open and everyone is capable of beating each other as has been proved these past couple of games or so.

    Confidence is oozing out of the squad and the fans are now again solidly behind the Vale resurrection. Yes it's only 3 games since Aspin and Co took over but it does prove how much Brown was seriously out of his depth in management. Credit Aspin and his team with re-igniting the fire in players bellies. In turn we,fans will do our bit too and if we experience the same commitment shown in these past 3 games by the players the crowds will come back to support an upwardly progressive club.

    Yes, it's a fine world out there today and long may this euphoria continue. There are going to be many Clubs in Division 2 who will take note of Aspin's and Co revival and they are the ones now who will be looking over their shoulders. not many will relish playing us in our current mood. Bring it on Vale I'm one very happy fan this bright and beautiful morning.

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