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Thread: Tom Pope

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    Tom Pope

    Well done Tom Pope I started a thread last week whether or not you should start and Iím glad you proved me wrong today Tom
    Well proud of your performance today and playing the system like getting the ball in early to you and getting supporting players in and around you as worked as I was saying last week no doubt atall you will score if managers understand you, aspo does
    So thanks for that today I walked away with a big smile on my face.

    Cheers Tom Pope

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    Hope in the pope hope in the pope

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    Well said...I hope Tom reads this tonight....

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    Two great goals, but just as importantly he led the line and held the ball up brilliantly, nearly man of the match for me, just pipped by Whitfield.

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    Well done Tom,loads better.Sluggish start but started to win a few headers and went on from there.Should have scored 4 but I’ll take the 2 he did score.

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    I have been a critic of him this season but credit where it's due, Tom played for the team, the badge, the fans and aspo today, he really stepped up.

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    REPposted yet?

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    Well done Tom for today for some reason you also seemed (to me at least if no one else) that you had gained a little more pace than you have had in previous game's.That's great to see, well done Tom Pope.Keep it going, more of the same please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jockyboy View Post
    REPposted yet?
    I stuck a very appropriate second-class stamp on him, but the post office refused to take the parcel with him inside, said it was against their regulations to send offensive material by Royal Mail.

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