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    Norman Smurfwaite Please Please Please Please Sell Our Club :(

    I very rarely post on here nowadays but having seen Smurfwaite active on here a few days ago I feel that this is the best way that I as a sole fan can reach out to him. Can I also just start by saying thank you to the likes of (I think it was) Spunk Trumpet, who tried to reason and reach out to Norman in a constructive way.

    I just want to say to Norman please please can you sell our club to someone who can take this once small but proud club forwards, or at least stop us from going out of the league. You say that you want to put right what you started but you obviously can't and aren't doing that. Things are just getting worse and the club is slowly slipping out of the league as gates plummet slowly but surely. In all my time supporting this football club I have never been as despondent, apathetic and belligerent towards the club... it's a weird mix of emotions. I am starting to actually find myself hating the club I once loved because of how it gets me seemingly every weekend. I have even found myself writing letters to business owners (national and internationally) almost begging them to bid for the club. I haven't even looked for the result this weekend but can guess that we have handed Chesterfield their first win of the season.

    The atmosphere around the club is at an all time low and as someone else said last week, it gets worse every time they travel over from abroad. I can reflect this, it is one of the things that puts me off going to games, it's the first time in my life that I have stopped attending home and away games.The place has the feel of when you go into a failing workingman's club that you just now will be shut in a few years. Visually this is reflected by the lack of pride shown around the club. An example that caught me was when I attended the Q+A and saw old boxes learning against pictures of greats such as Tony Naylor and Gareth Ainsworth with absolutely no regard. What next, cleaning supplies in the trophy cabinet? It's just too much to take anymore. I am not the only one, I have never known in my life time such a haemorrhage of fans, friends and family who used to be die-hards have simply just given up as no-one can seem to find any semblance of hope during your continued ownership. It's unprecedented and I've never seen such a loss of faith at any other football club. Sad to say Norman you are having a very special and unique impact at Port Vale. That's not to mention the fact that Stoke City fans now regularly sing your name at home games, they can see with great joy the direction this whole saga is going in. Next week will also be the first time that I will have missed a Crewe-Vale derby. The result will no doubt leave me crushed when it comes in. For me this club represents the Potteries and it absolutely kills me to the point of actually feeling physically sick seeing it like this and just treated and conveying itself like local non-league.

    As others have said either revisit existing offers or begin seeking a buyer more aggressively. This can't go on and as has been said I just can't see why you want to stick around and see the faces of club stalwards such as Joan Stanley etc when you become the first "owner" to take this football club out of the league. It is going to be a dark day and will have an impact on the wider city. This impact will mostly be felt in Burslem, an area that you have professed you want to help flourish and develop through your ownership. The only way that this will be avoided is a change in ownership that will give the whole club a life. I honestly believe that the whole, gloomly cloud over the club isn't help the performances on the pitch. This is why we're seeing insipid, sluggish displays. Seeing someone who the masses want such as Synectics win control would give the whole club a gigantuum boost (regardless of their financial clout). Besides I think many would rather take the gamble on them rather than continue with this.

    You are the man with the money and ultimately the power Norman. What I will say is that this doesn't have any impact on me as I can just continue doing what I'm currently doing- trying to ignore the club and hope it gets me out of the habit and ultimately emotionally detacted. However, you seem like a decent man, who is a self-made success from working class roots so I will appeal to you without abuse or judgement... do the right thing for yourself, your health, your family, the club and the good hard working people of Stoke-on-Trent who seek release in this club and deserve so much better than this constant drain on their emotional resources. This club needs a chance of a brighter future (in the league).

    You may not read or be interested in my words as a mere single fan from the stand but Thank You Norman.

    *Imagine me saying this like that Swansea City fan who phoned their local radio station and gave a 30 minute rant in tears when they were bottom of the 4th division in 2003* (and believe me at times this whole situation makes me feel like crying)
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    You are not on your own in these thoughts, please Norman SELL UP

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    Unfortunately Norman is a megalomaniac egotist... he will read your empassioned plea, and then in the next half a second reject it as "that fool doesn't know what he is talking about" or even worse "there is no one out there who can do a better job"

    It's because he doesn't understand how much this club means to people, it's history, how important it is to the community.

    He doesn't care and he will only serve himself... and scarily, he will persuade himself it's the right thing to do!

    The only thing stopping him from selling and taking a hit on his apparently huge fortune is his ego.

    One man ruining a club to massage his own ego... it's sickening
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    Its no use knocking if there's no one in.

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    The man won't listen it'll fall on deaf ears I'm afraid

    I good protest against brown would be if everyone on here season ticket or not stayed away next week against crewe and ask anyone you know who isn't on ovf to do the same
    I for one will not go as much as it hurts no to sometimes a message has to be sent I could be wrong but that's my opinion

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    Norman won't admit he is wrong until we are in the Northern Counties League being watched by 4 blokes and a dog. And even then it won't be his fault.

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    Sell up and move on.

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    Norman. Do you realise that the next relegation could bring 141 years of history to an end ! No doubt you would be proud of that fact as your name would be etched in local folk lore. The club would be worthless, so please take the cool £1.25million on offer. Let the club recover from this terminal illness. SELL.

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    Norman is either a Sunderland or Coventry fan who lives in Leicestershire or Portugal, do you think he cares about Burslem and Port Vale?

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    Very well presented original post. Totally agree but leave off the abuse people and we may get somewhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAVALIER View Post
    Very well presented original post. Totally agree but leave off the abuse people and we may get somewhere

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    No abuse is necessary. Time for all of us to not turn up next week. I've thought hard and long about this and we fans can do nowt to budge Smurf or Brown, other than to show our total disbelief at the incompetent people destroying our great club. It hurts me to admit I will not be going but what else can we do?

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