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    Ifab changes: 30 min halves etc... what do you think?

    They are proposing among other things:

    * Reducing the game to two 30 min halves but those halves will be of "play" as the clock will stop whenever play ends.
    * Only captains can speak to refs
    * Penalty rebounds won't count so it's either a goal, a miss or a save
    * Enforcing the six second GL rule to stop time-wasting
    * Players can pass to themselves on FKs and corners
    * Stadium clock linked to the ref's watch and will stop whenever the ball is out of play (they say most games only have 60 mins of play anyhow which is why they came up with the 30 min halves)

    Report on the BBC here -

    Personally, I am not sure of the 30 min halves but the rest of the rules look to be interesting and potentially cut out some time wasting.

    What do you think?

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    Possible Rule Changes

    Suggestions include 30 minute halves with the clock stopped when the ball is not in play.

    What do people think?

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    Should leave it how it is now not done any harm plus would they slash ticket prices to compensate? Probably not

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    Quote Originally Posted by The French Connection View Post

    Suggestions include 30 minute halves with the clock stopped when the ball is not in play.

    What do people think?

    Should be trialled in something like the Johnstone Auto LDV Vans windscreen pee-pot trophy or whatever it is called these days.
    Could be a great idea, but needs to be seen in action and reviewed. A few issues on length of stoppage for injuries, etc maybe that would need to be considered.
    Not sure why anyone would expect cheaper tickets - it should end up with roughly the same length of football actually played.

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    It's a no from me, to the majority of them. Haven't read the full document yet, but most of the ideas are awful. Especially the 45 minute change.

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    I thought a game was 90 minutes. Here's an idea - play for 90 minutes and have the clock stopped when the ball goes out.

    The ******* would soon stop feigning injury and wasting time if they kicked off at 3pm and were still on the pitch at 6pm.
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    the majority are good changes I think the 30 minute half sounds a bit short. Would be interesting to know what the average time is a football is actually in play in a game. Also like the idea of not ending a half until the ball has left the field of play. But do agree why not trial it for the football league trophy and see what happens.

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    The Confederations Cup is currently under way and 2 games were shown on TV today.
    They are trialling VAR - a review system, I think it stands for Virtual Assist Referee or something (probably wrong here) but today showed why things need trialling, it was a horror show.

    Chile v Cameroon - just before HT Chile score and the goal is given, they celebrate and are on the way back to the centre circle, the score changes on Tv and Betfair revise their odds to reflect the goal.

    A full 30 seconds go by before the referee makes a TV type sign and people realise something is up. They are reviewing the goal, a panel or person remote from the field of play then tells the ref through his earphone - the goal is cancelled.

    At the end of the matchm, Chile score again, but the linesman raises his flag - offside. Then we see the referee playing with his earphone and making a square TV sign....20 or so seconds pass, and then the linesman is over-ruled and the goal given.

    There would be riots if this happened in a Liverpool v Man Utd game or Arsenal v Spurs, it was an abortion.

    It may be that they sort it out eventually, but in this form, with the delays and uncertainty - disaster.

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    As I've said in another tread - Whether 45 or 30 minutes my thinking is there should be a central timekeeper to paused the game clock whenever the ball is not being contested e.g. out of play; injuries; or replacing players; and I'd even go as far to say time-on be called once a corner or goal kick is back in play.

    Still, I cant help but think PayTV isn't involved in this idea of 30 minutes.
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