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    Good luck Valiants .

    Football is a passion ,its a love ,its unconditional .
    Sunday is nearly upon us and u who have being the games and gave a shout for the Vale r asked to do it one more more this season v Fleetwood who in the main have being magnificent .
    Will it be tears of joys or tears of anguish ,nobody knows but what we do know is it will affect peoples lives one way or the other .
    Im calm happy and collected ,thats because i thought that we were down after Bolton ( Cecelia getting sent off Vale and Jerome Thomas hitting the post ,why didnt it go in ) but omg that goal from Chris Eagles v Walsall yes Walsall and the performance from all well it was so uplifting .
    I feel on top of the world .
    If i feel like that i wonder how much that goal has lifted the players and every single one of u whos support for Vale is tremendous .
    The fun bus who go every game the Jacksons whos love for the Vale is superb in a word .
    Do it for them .

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    Nov 2016
    Get in that dressing room VFIA , need you to give the team talk mate.

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    Aug 2012
    VFIA. Hope all fans attending Sunday have same passion as you. I will be there and wish for all of us to show our reason for our love of vale in order that our players definitely know we are Port Vale. No matter what has happened or indeed what we think of the Owner or players we fans have to prove that we are Port Vale and we will be always there. If it is to be relegation let's go down with our (fans) heads held high and pride in our support. Politics are for Monday. Pride, passion and total support for us, the fantastic fans is for Sunday. We can leave the game with an overriding knowledge that we did our bit and confirmed our Vale family stand together. Come on Vale give the people that matter what we deserve.

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    Great post VFIA. All we can ask is that the players give it their all and if the worst happens can those Vale fans who are that way inclined not embarrass us by causing a load of trouble after the game.

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    Remember when you cross that line there are thousands of Vale fans behind. Fight legitimately for every ball. Put your body on the line. Don't give any quarter. Shoot on sight. Don't give up even if we go behind. This is the most important game in years. Don't let us down. Win and you will be heroes again. Vale til I die. Cmon you Whites.

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    What will be will be but at least we go into the final game with a chance. I shall be rooting for Bolton which is almost as bad as it gets. Stay solid lads keep it tight and believe you can do it. Vale fans all around the globe will be up at all hours willing you on . I believe we can do it . Up the Vale.

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    Come on Vale, you know you can do it, we know you can do it, we will make it happen and go down in history.

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    Sunny Clayton
    Last week after the defeat to Bolton we all thought that we were down. Then up pops Eagles to give us a lifeline.

    What we need now on Sunday is news that Bolton have banged in a couple of quick goals and that the Gills and Bury are losing. This could demoralise the 'Cod' and lift the Valiants.

    So come on lads carry on from Tuesday and live up to your name because we are the VALIANTS OF PORT VALE. So go out there and live up to the name. Even after a thoroughly rotten year win this one and you will end up as heroes.
    Do it because those Valiants out there supporting you don't deserve relegation.

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    Stoke Fan here....Genuinely good luck against Fleetwood, and I hope other results go in your favour.

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    Gor, what a thread! I've got goosebumps.....this is what supporting the Vale is like, The politics and shenanigans will sort themselves out after Sunday. Just wish I could be there whatever happens.....watching it happen on Twitter and BBC sport is excruciating. ONE MORE PUSH VALE, COME ON!

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    May 2004
    Some stoke fans want us to stay up!!!! What's going on!!! Football is a strange game you never know but it's a huge task but you never know

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