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I went to the game and to me it was a tactical disaster. We scrambled to 0-0 at half time because of Alnwick's excellent performance but it was obvious the shape need to change. Big Reg up front on his own left him more isolated than Robinson Crusoe, at least he eventually got Man Friday to keep him company.

Right from the start of the second half it was obvious we were going to concede because they stepped up the pace and we couldn't get the ball over the half way line, mainly because we didn't have any players over the half way line which allowed their centre halves a virtual day off where all they had to do was trap the ball when we booted it clear then pick out a pass to renew Wimbledon's attacks.

Once we conceded the inevitable first I said to my mates that Bruno had to change it now before we go two down and it's game over. He did nothing and it was almost like he was waiting for them to score again, which duly came. Then he subbed Tavares for Pireira, which was about as much use as subbing kitchen roll for bog roll, neither player is up to much in my opinion and it was a like for like swap anyway. Then after wasting another 15 minutes opportunity to try and improve our situation he subbed Amaros for Sam Hart, a centre mid for someone wide right? How was that going to have much effect, especially as Hart is a young inexperienced left back and a supposed right winger who's a full time Vale player, M-bop-bambi the singing gazelle, is left on the bench? I take it Bambi isn't good enough then? So why is he on the bench then?

So, 15 minutes left, two subs used and no change, we just continued to get battered. Chris Robertson must have loved it, deemed not good enough for us he was completely untested all day and then scored at the end when, surprise, surprise, he beat 3'6" Kiko in the air in the 6 yard box. Surely someone in Vale's camp must have said to Bruno that Robertson struggles badly with someone running at him with the ball? Maybe Bruno just ignored it? Either way the team set up and tactics were utter garbage from start to finish and the fact Bruno keeps making the same mistakes week in week out tells me, after 25 games or so, he's a bit of a conceited half wit, like Gibbering Jim Gannon only without the outwardly obnoxious personality.

As bad as I've seen for a fair while, it's no wonder people don't want to pay £20-odd to watch it.
Lol listening to that match did remind me of that famous game at Accrington when Gannon had to all be scale a perimeter fence to get away from the Vale mob.