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    On Andrew Marr today at times I thought he was rather good but then he'd adopt this scatter gun approach where he'd suddenly throw in student loans and other issues around social justice having never mentioned them in the previous 15 mins and not been asked about them. Far too vague about immigration for me.

    Marr's repeated question regarding things JC had said previously (and I paraphrase) "Do you still agree with yourself?" was quite funny.

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    But this is the problem, it's ok being a decent opposition leader. Is he fit to govern??
    Quote Originally Posted by Bycarsbill View Post
    One of the many problems with Jeremy Corbyn is the fact that he seemingly cannot hold 2 thoughts together for more than a few hours at a time--if anyone doubts this, just read his various interviews yesterday on immigration and salary issues that flip-flopped even when spoken only hours between each outpouring. Far from being the principled, free-thinking new alternative that some trumpeted him to be, he is clearly a totally muddled, stuck-in-the 70's, backward looking politician and ineffective, incompetent leader. Apart from these 'minor' issues, he is obviously a wonderful, warm and suitable leader of HM's opposition!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommytunstall View Post
    But this is the problem, it's ok being a decent opposition leader. Is he fit to govern??
    Short answer is NO but then r any of em ? Probably not imho

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