Vale 3-1 Cheltenham reaction: just what the Doctor ordered…

Vale 3-1 Cheltenham reaction: just what the Doctor ordered…

Port Vale supporters say they hope the long overdue first home win of the season will boost the team’s confidence…

Players and management

“It is a great feeling to win a game. It is a problem when you haven’t won a game all season at home and you are going game after game. So, today was a big step. It is only one step but it is a step forward and I was really pleased with the way the players worked…”

Vale boss Neil Aspin

“It was an off day. They had a game plan and it beat us. The long ball and Tom Pope getting lots of flick-ons; it gave them momentum, they got runners in and we couldn’t get up the other end. The lads are gutted. They know they haven’t performed and we’ve got to learn from this…”

Cheltenham boss Gary Johnson

Views from the OVF forum

“Good performance today from all of the team, especially the two changes made by Aspo before the match. But a special mention today for the referee. It’s his first season in the Football League and I thought it was the best display for some time. He tried to play the advantage where possible and missed very little…”

Badgers Paws

“Just what the doctor ordered, been coming for a while. Roos’ save was tremendous and allowed Vale to go on and complete the victory. Hopefully it’s onwards and upwards…”


“Much better today. Nice to see Pope back scoring. Hopefully he and the team can kick on now…”


“Well done Aspo and the lads. Great third goal by Popey from very tight angle after assist from Tyrone. Pity we couldn’t keep a clean sheet but that will come in time. What a great boost for confidence and team morale not to mention Vale supporters. A few bevvies will be supped tonight…”

Cambridge Don

“That second-half could have been a completely different game but for the save by Roos at 1-0, great reaction save. Full credit to all the players, fantastic performance, and hopefully some confidence for everybody…”

connor hackett

“Before the tactic was to hoof it up to him [Pope] with nobody anywhere near him. Now it is get it wide and get it in to him with at least two in support of him…”


“Outstanding from young Whitfield today, my MOTM. A different side from last week. Pace,energy and decent finishing. Looked fitter and well up for it today. Well done Johnny Aspin!”


“Whitfield man of match with Pope good second. Solid at back too with Smith much more like his old self alongside a dependable defender. Hope Aspin can see that as our main central defensive partnership…”


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