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Opinion: Michael Brown needs to improve his tactics

Opinion: Michael Brown needs to improve his tactics

Columnist Malcolm Hirst feels that the Vale manager has been “too cautious” and was found out during the defeat to Wycombe Wanderers.

Malcolm Hirst writes…

In April, I called for Brown to be sacked in order to give Vale a fighting chance of staying up and I wrote: “My view of Brown is that he has been too cautious, is tactically naive and plays his favourites regardless of form.”

I have seen nothing since then to change my view of the managerial credentials of Michael Brown…

I have seen nothing since then to change my view of the managerial credentials of Michael Brown.

It is with trepidation that I will be travelling from London to Chesterfield on Saturday. Chesterfield lie bottom having lost two and shipped five goals. I still shake my head at the tactically inept performance of Brown in the same stadium last season. I will be cheering and encouraging the team, but I will be watching very carefully to see if Brown has learnt from last season’s mistakes. Before writing this, I messaged a friend to say I was considering something reflecting on Michael Brown and his tactics at Chesterfield last season. A succinct and brutal reply came back “there were tactics?”

I was dismayed at the latest excuse from Brown after the shocking performance against Wycombe. Losing 0-3 at the first home match of the season and at half time you only THINK about making changes. Unbelievable! Surely you must pull off two of the eleven under-performing players and let the team know that there are consequences to poor play or lack of effort?

Perhaps that might just get a REACTION from the players. As a player, Michael Brown took no prisoners, and perhaps he needs to do the same as a manager. I will be interested to see who plays on Saturday, who is on the bench, and who does not make the squad to travel. That might just get a positive reaction. If a player reacts negatively, then the fans might question why they pull on the shirt of the club we love.

Although Brown had a significant part to play in our demise from League One, the main culprit is Norman Smurthwaite. It was interesting to see a photo of him at Leeds United. However, I doubt that many fans’ opinions will change even if we are promoted this season. So, my suggestion to Norman is please do yourself and us a favour, sell up and go.

This column represents the columnist’s personal views and not necessarily those of the Port Vale Supporters Club.

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