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Football League make changes to penalty shootouts

Football League make changes to penalty shootouts

Vale fans will need to get used to a new order for penalty shootouts during the 2017-18 season.

The Football League have announced that they will adopt the ABBA system.

The revised system is being trialled internationally by FIFA and in some European competitions and will be adopted by the Football League for this year’s League Cup, EFL Trophy and for all EFL Play Offs.

The ABBA system is believed to be more fair than the current ABAB system of penalties as it is felt that in the current ABAB format the player taking the second kick is instantly under more pressure mentally to score.


How does it work?

In basic it means the new system will work on the following basis:

1st kick – Team A
2nd kick – Team B
3rd kick – Team B
4th kick – Team A
5th kick – Team A
6th kick – Team B
7th kick – Team B
8th kick – Team A
9th kick – Team A
10th kick – Team B
11th kick – Team B

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