Michael Brown: careers are on the line

Michael Brown: careers are on the line

Port Vale manager Michael Brown has pulled no punches about the closing games of the season.

With Vale in the relegation zone with three games to play Brown told the Sentinel: “I think if you look at the stats and the work rate they are putting in they were certainly trying their best at Oxford.

“If you ask if they’re motivated I don’t know what more motivation you need than fighting against relegation – and they all know it’s their jobs.

“If you look at our squad a lot of careers are on the line. We’ve got to look at that. A few might be slightly nervous, a few might see it as a challenge and take it head on but they all certainly understand that.

“We haven’t got a squad sitting on many-years contracts and definitely going on to Championship clubs etc. They understand the importance and if you look at the players they are genuinely trying their hardest and they’re just not getting it over the line. We’re not getting the goals at the moment but they’re certainly trying. I would be cautious with comments about motivation.”

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