Five great Port Vale goals

Five great Port Vale goals

See a selection of five Port Vale goals that we rate among the best in the club’s recent history.

Last season, Port Vale scored their 6,000th league goal so it’s fair to say that the bar is set pretty high with regards to the best goals scored in the club’s history.

However, it’s sometimes quite difficult to select the best strikes. Football is also controversial, debatable and unpredictable. That’s why offers like Betfred free bets for football games are so popular – sometimes the more memorable moments occur when least expected and in the most unlikely of games.

So without further ado, here is a list of great goals containing some of my personal favourites.

Ian Bogie’s early effort against Stoke

To be fair this goal’s fame amongst Vale fans has more to do with the humiliation that it inflicted upon local rivals Stoke City than any aesthetic quality. However, it’s also memorable as one of the quickest goals in the club’s history and (with snow flying everywhere) one of the more memorable celebrations. Phil Shaw’s match report for the Independent on the game is also well worth a read.

Ray Walker’s curling effort against Spurs

If I am permitted to have a personal preference then this is mine. I was on the terrace as the midfielder drew back his foot and planted a wonderful long-range shot over Tony Parkes and into the back of the net. It’s significant in raising the profile of the club cannot be underestimated either.

Ian Taylor’s acrobatics against Fulham

It may have been a nondescript match in a nondescript tournament but it was definitely memorable for a stunning overhead goal from Ian Taylor. Just when it seemed that the midfielder would miss the ball, he arched his body around to score a memorable goal.

Ron Futcher’s scorcher against Chesterfield

This strike is a real moment of one-upmanship. In the middle of Vale handing out a thrashing (it finished 6-1) Futcher and team mate Robbie Earle seemed to have a friendly duel. Earle had just scored from 30 yards and spoke to Futcher as the pair trotted back to the centre-circle. Almost from the kick-off Futcher then proceeded to volley the ball in from even further out. His face seems to say “I told you so…”

Tony Naylor’s moment of brilliance against Sunderland

The striker was very much a scorer of great goals rather than a great goalscorer but the sublime skills on display for this goal arguably make it the best of the bunch. It’s worth remembering that the Sunderland side of the day were one of the best sides in the division but Naylor’s twinkling feet made them statuesque. And it’s not just us who think it’s the best of the bunch

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