Coventry fan: this season has been terrible

Coventry fan: this season has been terrible

Ahead of their game against the Valiants Jackoskyblue of the website is feeling glum…

Thanks to REP for posing the questions 

About the fan…

My username is Jackoskyblue and I’ve been a season ticket holder for around ten seasons now, mainly since we moved to the Ricoh.

About the opposition…

How are your team doing?

Terrible! At the start of the season with the squad we assembled compared to last year I wasn’t expecting much. Before the first game I said we were in for a boring sixteenth placed season. However, even that expectation was dreaming! We will finish 24th and even 22nd would be a great achievement for where we are now!

Players to watch?

Stuart Beavon is a hard worker up top who never gives up but who does lack a real goal threat. At the moment our biggest threat is young George Thomas who has really come on since start of the season. He is the only player who looks like he cares and he can be a threat on the break

Your thoughts on the manager?

He’s a fairly good appointment for League Two next season. He had an instant improvement first-half on Saturday but the second-half was up there with some of the worst performances. I won’t judge until January next season

Your thoughts on the Vale?

I really rate JJ Hooper who looks a very decent player, the type of player I’d love to have for us. You seem a hard working honest team so I’m a bit surprised to see you down there, I had you down as a mid-table

A score prediction and predicted attendance?

I’m hoping the Robins effect has taken hold by then and we get a win. I would say a 2-1 win but at the minute that’s crazy talk!

After I’ve bigged him up JJ Hooper is bound to score, G.Thomas and Beavon for us

I’ve no idea how many you guys will bring but it is likely to be announced as 8,000, though in reality it will be 5,500.

A guide for Vale fans…

Any recommended pubs, places to eat, parking etc?

Park at the Novotel in Bedworth, it’s the third exit as you come off the M6. It’s between £3-£4 to park, a ten minute walk down to the ground and we got a free programme on Saturday.

In terms of drinking, the casino is best place really, they accept away fans and even milwall were in there chatting away to our fans. It is a bit expensive and takes a while to get served though.

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