Brown says poor fitness has contributed to injury list

Brown says poor fitness has contributed to injury list

Interim manager Michael Brown says that a poor fitness routine under previous manager Bruno Ribeiro has contributed to the spate of recent injuries.

Brown has made a conscious effort to improve fitness and increase the tempo during games but he thinks that the poor levels attained under Ribeiro have resulted in many of the injuries Vale have sustained recently.

Jerome Thomas, Riginio Cicilia, Kiko, Kjell Knops, Anthony De Freitas and Seb Amoros have all suffered injuries recently.

Brown told the Sentinel: “It is very frustrating but we knew that the players maybe weren’t in the greatest condition, or as fit as they should be. So we have been working on that and we now know we have lots of games thick and fast and it has paid a price.

“We have tried to increase the tempo and the physicality that we play at and be more dynamic, and a little bit quicker in our play and it has cost us at the moment.”

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