Michael Brown: home defeat was very disappointing

Michael Brown: home defeat was very disappointing

Port Vale manager Michael Brown said the home defeat to Peterborough was “very disappointing” and that Vale failed to create enough threat upfront.

Brown told the media after the 3-0 home defeat that: “It was very disappointing. We didn’t do enough in the first half, we addressed those issues at half time. We had a penalty against us there that wasn’t a penalty, so it starts to set a trend off, then a foul leading up to their first goal.

“But we still didn’t perform as we should do in the first half. I thought second half we came out and did much better. I thought we had a lot of pressure on their goal for maybe 20 or 25 minutes. I thought ‘come on, we night score.’ But I just didn’t think we created; we didn’t have any cutting edge today.

“I didn’t think we tested their goalkeeper anywhere near much as we should have.”

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