How gambling in football impacts Port Vale FC

How gambling in football impacts Port Vale FC

Gambling has become a serious problem within the world of British football and many professional players have been found to underperform on the field due to gambling habits. Over the years, the gambling activities enjoyed by players have led to disastrous impacts on overall teams, with players playing differently to protect their gambling investments.

There are always risks associated with gambling and to learn the professional football players actually play differently may come as a surprise. As managers work hard to create winning teams, players can often be the downfall of an organization just because of their gambling habits.

Michael Brown, the manager of Port Vale FC has worked to build a team that can create a positive spirit which can pave the way to more wins. This manager is keeping the faith by educating the young players on the team, boosting morale and trying to develop a professional team that will be recognized as a winning team in the league.

The Rise of Problem Gambling in Football

While many managers like Michael Brown are struggling to create string teams, gambling habits can step right in and destroy that plan. Over the years, a number of professional players in UK football clubs have admitted to playing high stakes poker and other casino games prior to matches. Unfortunately, losses at these games directly impacted how players performed on the itch. If they lost, their performance was often sub-par.

Online betting has become a popular choice for many professional athletes as it allows them to conceal their gambling addiction. However, the risks remain the same. A number of professional players have been interviewed and have admitted that large gambling losses did affect their personal performance during matches. Players under-performing due to betting are those that place huge wagers and lose their money, resulting in poor physical performance, often letting down their team.

In a study that was performs in 2014, almost 6% of 350 professional football and cricket players were found to be problem gamblers. This is a percentage much higher than the general population, so there is definitely a problem that even managers cannot figure out how to deal with.

Growth of the Online Gambling Market

Since line casinos became available, there has been a tremendous growth in the gambling market and online betting sites have added to the problem with professional athletes gambling. Many players find these sites offer an easy way to place bets while keeping their gambling habits private. With hundreds of operating online casinos, it is easy to see why many players fall prey to gambling addictions.

Even though only gambling can be problematic, there are players that gamble responsibly and can benefit from some of the amazing sites that are operating, such as PlayOJO. This new online casino caters to UK players and offers an abundance of casino games from different providers. It is known for its no hassle policy as well as offering players money back on every bet that is placed.


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