Do Jerome Thomas tweets hint at fall-out at Vale Park?

Do Jerome Thomas tweets hint at fall-out at Vale Park?

A series of tweets sent by winger Jerome Thomas on Sunday suggest that all may not be well in the Vale Park camp.

Thomas was a late omission from the subs bench on Saturday and the tweets appear to suggest that the winger is upset about this. In a series of tweets he makes the point of mentioning that:

  • In his last start he received praise from the media
  • He has played through injury for the team
  • He was grateful for praise from former manager Bruno Ribeiro and coach Andy Smith

These tweets suggest that he is upset about something that took place this weekend. Perhaps it was not starting the game or his attitude being questioning.

A possible interpretation of the tweets

One possible suggestion for the tweets is that Thomas is responding to criticism of his injury record by manager Michael Brown (who told the Sentinel it was “frustrating”). This would make sense of the tweets as they mention that a) he has started games carrying an injury before b) the last game he started he was praised by the media.

Some fans have interpreted “my last game played for Port Vale” as a statement that he has quit but an alternative reading is that he is showing that the team did well in the last game he played and therefore he should be picked to start again.

What is worrying is that Thomas was subsequently removed from the original list of substitutes on Saturday and one hopes that there has not been a serious falling out behind the scenes.

In a reply to a tweet from this @onevalefan website he said:

The veteran also pointed out praise from Bruno Ribeiro adding:

He then added:

He then ended with these comments which will be worrying for Vale fans:

The veteran winger has been a stand-out player this season and one hopes that there will be no fall-out as the club need his presence on the pitch.

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